Ace it! 32 oz.

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This new size has been requested many times ...the perfect REFILL!! Easy to handle at just 32ounces and packaged in an easy to pour "jug" type bottle. Fill up your empty 16oz. bottle 2X and save MONEY while doing so.


We strongly believe in "word of mouth" endorsements...if ACE iT! Premium Sray Polish doesnt meet your expectations...let us know, your purchase will be promptly refunded. Love it! Tell your friends.

Give ACE iT! Premium Sray Polish a try today "This is definitely not your Grandaddy's polish" guaranteed.

Independent Lab Analysis and Review!

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ACE IT! Polish it works.  

Tested extensively in the field by car and motorcycle enthusiasts, Bike Builders, Detailers and Paint Shops. On Motorcycles, Cars, Boats, Snow Mobiles even Airplanes and tested by the same independent Lab QVC uses, before any claims can be made on the air. They All agree...ACE iT! Works.

ACE iT! Works better than the more costly and time consuming polishes and Paste waxes on the market.  Requiring less time and a superior job...Without the use of... Petroleum or Silicone oil's, Ammonia, Alcohol or harsh detergents.

ACE iT! Cleans, Shines and Protects - Months of protection on Clear-coat, chrome, graphics, decals, pin striping etc.

  • Remove Light Dirt, Bugs, Oil, Road Film even light road tar
  • No ammonia, alcohol, silicone or petroleum oils – Paint Shop Safe
  • No residue (even on black powder coated engines)
  • UV FILTERS block 97% of damaging sun’s rays
  • Long-lasting protection • No streaking • No smearing 

ACE iT! Polish works equally well on:

  • Glass, Shower doors, Windows - Reduce fingerprints and Sheds Water
  • Plexiglas, Lexan – No Ammonia or Alcohol to harm the finish. (Motorcycle Wind Shields, Face Shields ect.)
  • Chrome – Protect and shines like a mirror...Never yellow, crack or peal even on hot motorcycle Pipes.
  • Stainless steel appliances –Resist Fingerprints
  • Mirrors – No Streaking ... doesn’t attract or hold dust 


Shake well, Spray the surface or a towel with Ace It! and with a gentle circular ACE iT! into the finish spreading the cleaner and safely removing bugs, dust, and road film (wash the vehicle first if it is heavily soiled). Turn towel and gently buff to a deep, long lasting shine. We recommend using a micro fiber towel but any clean soft cotton towel will work.


The unique characteristics of ACE iT! Polish are complcated but essentually good science and Common Sense. First: More 'ACTIVE' ingredients and less water. Second: Use a Natural Surfactant Solution (cleaner) which actually releases and lifts the dirt from the surface without the use of harsh alkaline detergents. Third: Polymers Cross link with Amino Functional Sileans to form a Multi-Bond Complex with the surface, (not evaporating or sitting on the on the surface). Finally: the UV Protection and the Multi Bond Complex become a highly effective Wear Resistant, Smooth as Silk, Deep Wet Looking Shine.

You have nothing to lose...100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. If you're not completely satisfied (for whatever reason) we will refund the full amount of your purchase. I believe strongly in "word of mouth" endorsements and my ACE iT!...I also realize you can't please everyone so if Ace iT! doesnt meet your expectations...Tell me (your money is refunded). If you like it...Tell a friend!! Give ACE iT! a try today, you'll like it...guaranteed. Thanks

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