Hey. Just wanted to let you know that car polish is awesome. I am going to send it out to a friend of mine who is in the industry. I want to see his thoughts. I've done my Cobra, my girlfriends Altima, and her friends Jeep. The Jeep was a waste as its never been waxed in 80,000 miles, but the other 2 look awesome.


Gordon W.




Comment: Life savers! bike savers! hey, just a short story here. last year I decided to wash my custom bike at work. I run a car dealership in eastern NC. we order degreaser in bulk and mix it down so it doesn't streak aluminum or any metals on cars wheels etc. I sprayed the bike good w water and washed. decided to spray the diluted degreaser on bike. (stupid) sprayed and rinsed immediately. too dawn late! !! it spotted, streaked, and clouded every piece of metal on it. I almost cried. $25k gone to hell!

took bike home and it sat in shop for 5 months while my wife and I tried to find something to restore the shine. tried every home remedy found on internet. bought everything auto parts stores could offer. Everything bike shops recommended. nothing and I mean nothing even touched the stains! almost ready to either take apart and send out to see if someone else could clean and refinish or just sell as is! (at great $ loss)!!!

sitting in shop about 30 days ago trying to decide which to do.....bam! it hit me like a hammer! several years ago while at Myrtle Beach rally I had purchased the ace it kit w polish, swirl remover, and..*METAL SHINE*. I located  the kit and got out a polishing cloth and took a dab and knowing it wouldn't touch stains (nothing else  had). I gently rubbed a small spot on a wheel. ....I almost passed the hell out! I rubbed the area lightly till it started turning black.wiped it off and it looked brand new!! I ran to house and told wife to come see a miracle! We couldn't believe it. All that time, money, and brain cells wasted. answer was in my cabinet the whole time! well 1 week. Some effort and I still can't believe how much my bike looks brand new. I polished every piece of metal and chrome. then used the Polish on entire bike! looks better than a brand new bike! thanks to you and your products! Don't know how to thank you enough. (wife thought about baking you a cake. ..but) anyway as I said you saved my bike and my sanity. Every person who owns a bike, car, scooter. anything with metal on it should have your product. ...and use it!! Thank you all for this "miracle"! will never use anything else!! again can't thank you enough. i will forever brag to every one about your product! !!!!!!

Ranny L. -North Carolina

Comment: Vince from Redneck was saying these products are the best and I am interested in finding out for myself and my buddies.

Ray G.


Comment: I stopped in Sanford Florida on my way to Daytona for Biketoberfest to a rainy Thunder In The Streets.I was very lucky to have come across your booth and talked with you and purchased your polish.I could not wait to get home and try this on my Harley.I have to tell you that I could not believe the shine this left on my black bike.I only used this one time so far and I am ordering a gallon so I have enough to polish all my bikes,cars,and trucks.Very nice product,thank you for a great polish,finally !!!!  I would also love to see pics of the bike that was getting the flames put on,it was a black Ultra Limited,what great work he was doing!!! Need some ideas for the same on mine,he did say he had a friend in the Cleveland area,thanks again.


Dave R. - Whitehouse Ohio 

Gardy R. - Harbinger, NC



  I've used Ace it on my bike and pick up and keeps them looking new. Getting a new big truck assigned to me at work and I always treat them like I own them so I'll be using Ace it on it and that's why I'm ordering the gallon. The main reason though is, I can be lazy but, Ace it is quick and easy.




GEORGE L. - Brick, NJ 

 Since I found Ace-it polish I rarely wash my bike ! I wipe it down with Ace-it from windshield to taillight removing bugs and dirt and leaving a beautilul shine ! Ace-it metal polish works great too !

Phillip W. - Folsom, PA



I use your polish and think it is great.. i just put an order in for two of my friends, they tired mine and now they want some

Bruce M.

I have used so many waxes and polishes in my lifetime. Some VERY good, some not so good. I have seen your stands at different bike shows / rally's and to be perfectly honest I thought your product was just another empty promise.Then I purchased a small bottle to try.This stuff is INSANE! I have NEVER used a polish such as yours. Easy on-easy off, long lasting and repels weather and dirt like no other. I truly cannot believe how well this product works and lasts. I first started with our bikes and now my cars,trucks and yes even my riding mower! I have let friends family and co-workers try your product and they too were amazed and now I often purchase Ace-it polish for these folks as well. Crazy stuff! You guys have a great product and wish I could promote it in some way for you. When something is as good as this I have absoulutely no problem standing behind it...Thanks for a great product!

Frank P.









I just spoke with you on the phone about my missing order. I just wanted to Thank You for refilling my order when you return  on Tuesday. I was really upset at FedEx after I was told they completed there investigation and they could not locate my order. I figured I was out my order and would have to reorder.  Thanks again and I really your polish I use it on all 3 of my cars and my Harley. Great Stuff 

Paul.G - New Hampshire


The best polish I have ever used period!!!!!!!I am a pro bass fisherman and I use it on my boat and tow vehicle. Great Stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would love to be a dealer or voice for your product. I fish B.A.S.S. and FLW.

John F. - MARSHVILLE,  North Carolina

A friend demonstrated your product to me and it was AWSOME!!!  Darrel J. - Montross,  Virginia












Ace It!  I gotta tell ya...this is the best stuff ever!  My son told me about Ace -It a year and a half ago.  I just used it on my Harley a few days ago and I have only used the metal cleaner up to this point and the whole bike has a shine that is so deep I don't know how else to explain it.  Awesome stuff!  Tomorrow I will use the spray on polish and I can only emagine.  To tell you the truth, I doubt that it is going to look any better then it does now.  

I have told my other biker friends about it and they are now using it and love it as much as I do. 

Thanks for a great product!  Rich S. -FAYETTEVILLE, North Carolina

This scratch remover is great. My grandson went on a ride with me and his legs are a little short so when he got on the bike his boot put 3 nice scratches on my right saddle bag. Took the scratch remover to it and it is gone. The windshield on my brothers bike had alot of scratches on it and he was going to replace it and I told him before he does that to try my Ace IT and his windshield looked like new. I use the spray polish and metal shine on my bike and that is all I will use. Tomorrow I will be going to Carisle Bike Fest and will be getting the chrome polish also. I love my ACE IT and will never use S100 again like I did before I found ACE IT. Great product !!


Ray - Instead of using a chamois to dry my truck, I use ACE it! and a terry cloth - spray ACE it! right on the water droplets. What a time saver. Man it works great!

Thanks, Hal -  The Woodlands, TX

 Hello Ray, I just wanted to say thank you for all your help. I also wanted to tell you know that your Ace It product is by far the best wax I have ever used, and I have used them all. I use it on my motorcycles as well as my truck. I wasn't sure how it would work on my black truck, but it was awesome. Great product ! Customer for life now !

Doug S. - NY

Purchased one bottle of your ACE IT Polish at MB Spring Bike Week. Liked it so much I bought a second bottle before we left. Works great on the bike and my wife loves it on the SS appliances. Thank you so much for a great product that really works. No scam here!!! 

George H. - PA

In May of 2008, as I was coming home from Bike Week in Myrtle Beach via Route 81, traveling through Virginia. I was behind a Van that stratteled a deer that had been recently hit and was laying in the middle of my lane. Going 60 miles per hour, I was unable to avoid running it over. Had I tried to avoid it, I would have lost control, so, I braced myself and rode it out--from one end to the other--ass to head! I didn't damage the bike, or myself, (amazingly) but, I sure did a number on the deer, as you can see by the pictures. I continued driving home, and got to New Jersey. By then, the blood, muscle, and skin were baked to the bike. My frame, my leather bag, my cables and wheels needed to be cleaned. I never use water to clean my bike, I always use Ace It Polish. It worked like a charm to get rid of all the deer residue that was on it. I also, was recently in Wildwood and had previously dropped a micro-fiber towel on my hot pipes, which melted and stuck instantly. I tried everything to get it off. Flitz-Goop-and Kerosene. Nothing worked. The demonstrator told me to bring my bike into the vendor area, and he started polishing my pipes with the Ace It chrome polish--and it started to come off and I took over. Within fifteen minutes I had it completely clean. Been using it for quite a while, and I love the results--and now I'm hooked on the chrome polish, too. Great product--great people. 

"Brick" from New Jersey

Incredible! I've used your polish for almost 3 years. It does everything it says. Now I'm buying it for a friend for Christmas. I wouldn't use anything else on my bike I'm glad I took a chance and bought it at a bike show in Connecticut 3 years ago. Great Stuff
Paul G. Tim V. - New Britain, CT

Incredible! Just incredible! Nothing this easy to use could possibly look this good and last this long. Magic in a bottle! 

Tim V. -Raleigh, NC

Love your product , use it on everything from motorcycles to firetrucks!

 I have been using Mothers waxes and polish on my cars for years. When I got my 1st bike I still used them, UNTIL I went to the "Rally on the Rock" bike show and saw your booth. I purchased the 16oz bottle and quickly used it in the parking lot. WOW better then Mothers and alot easier to use. Your "sales pitch"isn't a pitch at all. It is the honest truth!!!!!! Great product!!!!!!!

Steve G. - Albrightsville, Pa

This Stuff is great!!! I have a custom paint job that is a super heavy pearl and ace it makes a glass like finish on my black and purple truck. THANKS!!!!


It does a great job on my restored 1964 Corvair Spyder Convertible. Thanks for a great product!


Picked up a bottle of Ace It polish at a motorcycle rally in PA last year. I don't ever want to use anything else! This is the best stuff I've ever used, And I've used a lot of different products. Thanks for making such an outstanding product.

Great product....thank you.

Bought this product while living in Austin, TX. This product is GREAT! Have black 2008 Black HD.

I hope this polish is as good as everyone says it is.

Picked up a bottle of Ace It polish at a motorcycle rally in PA last year. I don't ever want to use anything else! This is the best stuff I've ever used, And I've used a lot of different products.
Thanks for making such an outstanding product.

Got alot of car/bike nut friends to buy for x-mas. Word on this stuff is getting to Texas! Need more varity of gift kits.

used the X-Gel last week on my 350z , man did I get so many comments on how great it looked. Does a greta job, hard work but worth it.

Purchased your product at MB Fall Bike Rally, we LOVE IT! My husband is freak about polishing his toys.... and we have invested a small fortune in other products.
Thank you for this product that really works!

This Stuff Must Be Made of Gold I can't wait for the shipment.

I can't wait for the shipment. Poor car has been doing without.

Great Product. Bought my first at Myrtle Beach bike ralley in 2004. Nothing else has touched my bike since. Yamaha Royal Star Venture 2000...

I am a Honda auto tech and first tried your product at our Mount Laurel NJ training facility. I liked it so much I had to buy it for my car and motorcycle detailing.

How did you hear about us? I bought a bottle last year at Myrtle Beach Bike Week, and reordered twice
 This stuff works!!! I mean it really works!!! I get compliments every where I go. I send in pictures of my bike and my Harley Ford F-150..
 The guys i've let try it call it "The Genie in the Bottle"!!!!!!!! AWESOME!
Bob S.- Windsor Locks - CT

I really liked the way it made my bike shine so I decided to buy more for my truck.
Bruce F.- Thorofare - NJ

Originally heard about it from a friend...It's easy to use and keeps our RV looking great!
Jane F.- Scottsdale - AZ

great stuff! gimme, gimme!
Joseph L.- AUSTIN - TX

Friend told me about you guys, his demo was fantastic
Joseph L.- New York - NY

Please don't ever discontinue this product!!! nothing beats it!!
Susan L.- Middletown - CT

Found you on-line about 4years ago. It's all I use now.
This stuff is great! Ace it makes polishing my cars easy and now I picked up a few customers.
Anthony F.- Kenilworth - NJ

 How did you hear about us? Roar to the Shore 2005
Great stuff, This is a gift for my Brother in Nevada.
James R A.- Del Haven - NJ

 How did you hear about us? Car and Mororcycle show
I love this stuff!!! Its great!!
Lauren G.- Philadelphia - PA

How did you hear about us? Bike show / rally in Wildwood, NJ.
Wouldn't sell back to you for twice the price. The best I've ever used!
Phillip T.- Dover - DE

 How did you hear about us? My father purchased some of your product from harley weekend in wildwood last summer for me.I use it on my everyday truck, my motorcycle which is black(which we all know looks great, but is a real task to keep clean) and my show car. i love the way it works. better than mothers or any brand ive used in the past..will not use anything else but your now. thanks
Edward T. S.- Oaklyn - NJ

 How did you hear about us? Kosco HD in Butler NJ
I was sceptical but now I LOVE IT
Thomas W.- North Haledon - NJ

 How did you hear about us? Timonium, MD Bike Show
I got a small bottle and love, it!!!!!!!
Linda H.- Baltimore - MD

 How did you hear about us? Prev. purchased at a show
love it
Dennis S.- Haymarket - VA

 How did you hear about us? Saw a bike and asked owner why it shined so great ... referred me to Ace-it!I told a friend and she is already using it with great success.
Sarah L W.- Kemah - TX

 How did you hear about us? A buddy has a bottle.Very nice product.

Randy L.- Round Rock, TX


 How did you hear about us? Web Search
Am reordering based on product performance.


Ray J.- North Providence, RI


 How did you hear about us? Purchased your product at Barbs HD.
I was upset when I learned they don't carry it anymore. Your product is great! I'll NEVER use anything else on my Harley.


John B.- Blackwood, NJ


 How did you hear about us? Bike Show in Edison NJ
Works great

Joseph D.- South Amboy, NJ
 How did you hear about us? How did you hear about us? Friend saw a bike with a great shine and asked about it. They highly recommended your product.

Wanda R.- Santa Fe, TX

 How did you hear about us? I first heard of your products 2 years ago at a motorcycle rally in Wildwood NJ. I have been using your products ever since!
Keep up the good work! I am trying a new product this time it is the scratch and swirl remover. I am sure it will perform to my expections. I have come to trust all your products.

Louis G.- Cape May, NJ

 How did you hear about us? WV state biker rally at Snowshoe WV
Love your products and anscious to use the Ace-ItAce It.

Don E.- Scott Depot, WV

Word of mouth
My father-in-law told me about Ace-It and after seeing his bike, I purchased a bottle. It came with a high-quality microfiber towel. After using it on my GSX-R1000, all I can say is WOW! This stuff is incredible! I swear my bike is so shiny it glows in the dark. It took off scuffs that my old polish wouldn't touch and which I thought were permanent. I LOVE the fact that there is no residue, also. Needless to say, I'm telling all my friends about your product. Ace-It polish is gold, man, pure gold. Thank you for a product that actually works!

Randy W. - Sylva, NC

Bike show / rally in Wildwood, NJ
Wouldn't sell back to you for twice the price. The best I've ever used!

Phillip T. - Dover, DE

I am truly amazed. I used to use Meguiar's Quik Detailer, but now I know I've found something much better, and so quick and easy to use. I used Ace-It on my and my wife's new cars, motorcycle, helmets, lawn mower, and brought new life to a classic 1964 AMF Roadmaster Saturn bicycle! People have already asked us what we've done to our cars to make them look so good. I am interested in becoming a distributor.

Roberto G. - Green Lane, PA

Bike Show
I used it on my bike and should have locked it up. My wife, my 2 brother in laws and my 2 buddies found out my discovery and now both bottles are empty. great stuff. I was in a store that sells choppers ...the cheapest one was $60,000 and they were using ace-it.

Alfonson T. - Bayville, NJ

Friend works awesome

Patricia M. - West Camp , NY

We stopped by your booth at the Myrtle Beach Show
After we got home, we used your product on our Ultra Classic. It was wonderful! Everything you said it would do and more! We wished you would be at the Laconia Show in June. We hope to run into you again at future shows. We definitely will purchase in volume.

Sally M.- Bridgton, ME

My brother bought some of your products in Wildwood NJ I tried the spray on wax and I love it!!!!!!!!
Keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!!!!

Louis G. - Cape May, NJ

Saw you at A.C. bike show in 2005.
Excellent stuff. Ran out last year. Getting bigger bottle this time!

Melissa S. - Hamburg, PA

Atlantic City Bike Show.
Your polish is great, I love the stuff !!!

James McV. - Cape May, NJ

repeat customer, love the product

Gary J.- West Creek, NJ


We bought this product last year and some for my Father in law. since then he has re-ordered and so has my uncle and his brother. We all like it so much that it is the only thing we use Thank you
Tina .A - Del Haven, NJ




Great stuff Ray, use it on everything from my 38 ft camper to my Silverado Duallie.
Paul - West Creek, NJ

I first used your product right before my first show of the season, was impressed and I guess the judges were as well I took second place in the Bucks County Auto and Motorcycle Show, now I won't shine my bike with anything else!

Greg E. - Bristol, PA

My brother bought some of your products in Wildwood NJ I tried the spray on wax and I love it!!!!!!!! Keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!!!!

Louis G. -CAPE MAY, NJ

Bought a small bottle of Ace it at the AC Classic Car Show. Using on my New Z 06 Corvette and frankly it is the best wax I have ever used.

William B.- Southington, CT



We bought this product last year and some for my Father in law. since then he has re-ordered and so has my uncle and his brother. We all like it so much that it is the only thing we use Thank you

Tina A. - Del Haven, NJ

repeat customer, love the product

Gary J. - West Creek, NJ

Your polish is great, I love the stuff !!!

James E. McV. - Cape May, NJ

I have to tell you that you are the best! You definitely have the best products out there, and your shipping is outstanding! Thank you!!

David Y. - Somerset, NJ

Great stuff Ray, use it on everything from my 38 ft camper to my Silverado Duallie. Thanks

Paul - West Creek, NJ

I received your product yesterday (Ace It Polish). Thanks for the quick turnaround. Ace It is fantastic. Thanks again.

Nick - Springfield, VA

Are you guys going to be at Ocean City Bike week on Sept. 16-18 ? That is in Maryland. Thank You for your response. I just got some Ace it! at Wildwood and I love it and I will need more in the future.

Rich C. - Hanover, PA

hey what's up? bought your Ace it! polish was very happy with the results. are you guys gonna be in myrtle beach? if so where will you be stationed?

Brian - Tamaqua, PA


Ray thanks man...! You have the greatest service and the Ace-It product is bitchen...really like the way it works! Good Stuff for my bimmer :-) Thanks again and look forward to doing more business with you!

Bart - Fletcher, NC 



Hi, my name is Mr. K. from Baltimore
Every time I polish my bike with your Ace It! spray on polish, I always say "I'm gonna call you guys & tell you what a fantastic product you have"...and as always I never do. So I'm outside polishing my bike today and I decided I would pay you a compliment.

To be honest motorcycle shops should do everybody a favor and only carry your polish, it is an amazing product and I want to thank you for making my life a lot easier and a lot more fun when polishing my bike...It does everything you guys say it does.

I bought it at the DelMarva Bike show about two years ago and have been an avid customer ever since and a repeat buyer.

Look forward to seeing you guys at Delmarva this year and just wanted to thank you and tell you what a great product you got.

Hang in there and ride safe.


 At first I was just like everyone else did not believe it until I saw it. You should see my bike and my wifes jeep. The person that told me about it was the bug bike in Myrtle Beach or in Daytona you should remember that bike.I took pictures of before and after holy shit.
 The Woodlands, TX



Thanks for the discount coupon. You are the best.. Hopefully the gallon I just ordered will hold me for a while.  Aceit is the best product I have ever used.. Everyone comments on how nice my 06' ridgeline looks. I use it on all of my vehicles.  Love the smell also.  I'm doing all I can here in the OBX to promote your product. Hope to see you again at one of the shows.  Take care.