Remove Oxidation From Plastic
Pro Painter Using ACE it! on New Paint



This Ain’t your Granddaddy’s Polish!

Spend a minute reading the testimonials and you’ll understand why so many people have moved up to ACE iT!.

Loaded with a high concentration of active ingredients, Nanotechnology and Intelligent Molecular Design. ACE iT! Provides a long lasting Brilliant Shine, and is so easy to apply. Protection that Stands up to multiple Car Washes, Rain and removes - Bugs, Road Film and Water Spots.

ACE it! Premium Spray Polish...Ain’t your Granddaddy’s Polish!

You have nothing to lose; If you’re not completely satisfied, we offer a 100% Money Back guarantee and, It just May be The Best Polish You’ll Ever Use!

Want to learn more?

You paid a lot for your toys and wouldn't be reading this far unless you were proud of them. Here is what the dictionary has to say about wax:

Definition of wax: Any of various natural, oily or greasy heat-sensitive substances, consisting of hydrocarbons or esters of fatty acids that are insoluble in water but soluble in nonpolar organic solvents. 

Paints and clear coats are both synthetically produced and do not mix well with waxes. You probably know (any painter will confirm) you can’t use waxes on a newly painted surface because they suffocate the clear coat and the paint can't dry properly. It just sits on top, building up and leaving residue. You can use ACE it! Premium Spray Polish, it's 100% Paint Shop Safe...Contains NO - Wax, Silicones or Petroleum Oils. ACE it! works with, your vehicles Finish...not against it.

ACE it! is a Premium Spray Polish that goes beyond wax…using Intelligent Molecular Design, nanotechnology and our unique proprietary blend of polymers and sileans, to create a brilliant shine and protection that lasts for months. Paints and clear coats love it…ACE it! doesn’t – yellow, crack, peel, build up or leave residue (like old fashioned waxes) plus it's clean, fast and easy to apply.

ACE it! Premium Spray Polish!